Bihar School of Yoga was established in 1964 by Swami Satyanand on the banks of Holy Ganges in the town of Munger, Bihar. The yoga tradition, called Satyanand Yoga popularized by Bihar School, has grown into a world-wide yoga standard over the years. TravelBaits brings authentic yoga experiences related with the classical Satyanand School, to enable a holistic lifestyle and well-being. Subscribe to us to get occasional details on Satyanand Yoga events, consultation with associated yoga trainers and planning Yoga retreats to the famous Bihar School of Yoga. Note that though TravelBaits facilitates the yoga services, the school has its statutes for admits and acceptance of the experiences.

Bihar Yoga Bharati

Bihar Yoga Bharati is an integral yoga school, spreading yoga door-to-door and shore-to-shore. The best practices of the school are here. It follows a yogic lifestyle and rigorous yoga practices.

Daily Yoga Practice

We have worked with expert yoga professionals, providing free daily yoga practices. Subscribe to us for setting up reminders for your yoga routine. A yoga a day keeps the doctor away!

Yoga Consultations

TravelBaits has tied up with yoga professionals, associated with the Bihar School of Yoga and certified by the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India to provide yoga consultations. Sign up to inquire!

Yoga Retreats​

Planning a trip to Munger? Do let us know. We would love to arrange it for you. Munger is a quaint picturesque town surrounded by Ganges on three sides. Inquire us for syncing the yoga calendar!