Every place has a unique cuisine and travelling to a destination is never complete without tasting the local food of the place. Bihar has a very distinguished food menu. Litti-Chokha is a dish we all have heard off and is one of the most popular food of Bihar. Litti is made from Wheat, Sattu (Roasted Black chana flour) and Chokha is made from eggplant. Apart from this, there are a plethora of other options to choose from  like Kadhi Badi, local sabji with phulka and Sattu paratha while some of the non-veg delicacies include Dehati Chicken, Champaran mutton, Sarson fish that are sure to stimulate your taste buds.

Coming to sweets, Biharis are really fond of sweets. Some of the famous ones like Silao ka khaja, Maner la Laddu, Thekua, Anarsa, Dhanarua Lai, Rasmalai are easily available in the local sweet shops.

In the food walking tour, you will be accompanied by our local guide who will walk you through the famous food points and guide you where you to eat these local delicacies.



  • A guide will accompany the group for entire food walking tour. 
  • Group should have a minimum of 4 person. For individual food tour, prices would vary.
  • The pricing is approximate. Exact price can be lower/higher depending on choice of food and restaurants.


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