Mauryan Glory Tour

Patliputra, now known as Patna, was the capital city of the great Ashoka Mauryan Empire. Ruins of the ancient city of Patliputra have been excavated at the site of Kumhrar. The famous well from the time of Emperor Ashok is in Agam Kuan adding to the ancient heritage. 

The newly constructed Bihar Museum hosts a collection of unique sculptures and ancient artifacts. Sabhayata Dwar built in Mauryan-style architecture is the tallest monument 


How do you reach

Airport: Jaiprakash Narayan International Airport

Railway Station: Patna Junction is connected to major metropolian cities by train


  • Agam Kuan
  • Kumhrar Park
  • Bihar Museum 
  • Gandhi Maidan
  • Sabhyata Dwar
 Trip Duration: 8h approximately

Map for the Tour