Why Technology is more important than ever in Tourism Industry

The year 2020 has been a major turnaround in the history of mankind. The spread of virus across the globe has given us a sneak peek into the future world. The world which will invariably be driven by technology.

“Information technology” and its applications is not unknown to the world. However, the occurrence of the pandemic has given it visibility, height, significance and direction. With web conferencing, video calls, virtual meetings becoming the order of the day, the world is undergoing vital transformations and these changes are going to stay with us as the new “normal”.

The spread of Coronavirus has disrupted all the industries and Tourism industry is no exception. One cannot deny the fact that it has been one of the worst hit industries amongst others. With the fear of contracting the virus, safe travel to any destination has become extremely difficult. So, what should we do in these testing times? So far, the use of technology in Tourism industry has been limited to booking flights, trains and tours for the travelers. But the digital interventions in the industry has to go beyond this. Adapting to the environment is the natural tendency of all living creatures on earth including humans and this is exactly what is required in these times.

1.Virtual Reality: Introduction of Virtual reality and Augmented reality in the tourism space is not only going to enhance the tourism experience but would also act as a catalyst in the revival of the industry. Immersive experiences in this area would attract more travelers to the destination. In addition, it would also cater to the population who are unable to travel to various destinations due to some reason.

2. Virtual Tours: A Virtual tour is basically a simulation of an actual location, composed of a sequence of videos or still images, and include other elements such as audio, narration and text. It is one of the most accessible, affordable and in other words a modern adaptation of tele-tourism.

3. Innovative products with personalized touch. With the advent of free audio/video conferencing applications, it is important for the tour providers to connect with the tourists and understand their interests and inclinations, and then build an itinerary that is best suited to them.

The travel industry is evolving and focus on new immersive experiences is going to be the future of our industry.