Pitripaksh or the pitru-paksh is the 16 day lunar period in the Hindu calendar when people pay homage to their ancestors by offering pinddaan. Gayaji has been the center of the pinddaan activity. Various legends are associated with this place as Lord Rama and Goddess Sita had offered Pinddaan for King Dashratha after his death and since then this place has continued to be the  center for performing this ritual and religious function every year. In the year 2020, pitripaksha starts from 2nd Sept and lasts on 17th Sept.

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Duration ~1 day, Price – Rs 6550/- all inclusive

In the Covid times, when physical travel is no longer considered safe, TravelBaits brings to you Virtual Pinddaan facility a click away.

Booking involves a simple 3 step process:

1. Add the product to cart

2. Fill your details and Make payment and wait while we connect you to an authentic priest who would connect with you and explain the  complete process of the puja.

3. Connect on the day of Pinddaan and participate in the function virtually through video- conferencing.