Fasten your seat belts as you gear up for the trip of enlightenment. In this virtual tour of Bodh gaya, you will navigate across the city to view the Mahabodhi Temple, the monasteries nearby and historic places related to the life of Buddha. The interactive learning experience is designed to enable the user be an active learner. The experience will be a guided tour with a subject expert, taking you through the tour followed by a Q & A Session at the end.

Tour Price:


Duration ~1 hour, Price – Rs 450/-per person
Rs 1200/- per group (max 5 )

The tour will cover the following places:

Mahabodhi Temple, Mahabodhi Tree, Mucchalinda lake,
80-ft Buddha Statue,
Thai Monastery,
Burmese Monastery,
Indosan Nipponji Temple,
Sujata Stupa,
Dungeshwari Caves,
Kalchakra Maidan