Doke black fusion is mainstay of the Bihar teas because of its maple syrup like sweetness which comes from the best Mississippi river-like soil of this area. It smells sweet and sugary with a slightly pungent taste. A highly awarded brand with a unique taste.

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The Doke Black Fusion has been processed using Assamica varietal tea leaves; its aroma of caramel and spice creates a unique charm that cannot be described by words. Its heavenly taste and aroma make it different from any ordinary tea. The original essence of nature has been finely preserved in these hand-plucked, hand-rolled tea leaves. The first thing you’ll notice about this Gold Star Winner, as recognised by the Great Taste Awards, is the scent of spun sugar as the tea is steeping.

Health Benefits:

  • Combat skin ageing
  • Help Protect Your Teeth from Bacteria
  • Helps in Weight loss
  • Controls diabetes
  • Anti Bacterial agent

Aroma: Cream, Fresh cherry

Caffeine: Low

Leaf Type: Whole Leaf

Organic/Non-Organic: Organic

Flush: 2nd Flush 2019

Region: Bihar

Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis(Assamica Cultivar – TV 25 / 26)

Tasting Notes: Smooth & mellow with no astringency & sharpness with a floral aftertaste

Appearance: Glowingly Translucent, straw pale liquor


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Box, Tin Package


10gm (4 cups), 150gm (60 cups), 300gm (120 cups), 50gm (20 cups)


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