Green tea was one of the earliest manufacture, when preservation of tea was made necessary over ancient times and later on, supplemented by the black tea. Doke Green Diamond is perfected to balance product range of the pride area. This hand-rolled green tea is made up of beautiful, fluffy green leaves. The liquor is slightly earthy with notes of cherry and citrus zest.

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Doke Green Diamond is packed with vital antioxidants to help boost your energy levels. This hand plucked and hand-rolled -leaves give a fresh leafy-floral aroma that lightens and brightens your mood wonderfully. The sweet – mineral flavour will be loved by any tea connoisseur. Include a cup of warm green tea in your daily schedule to get refreshment along with health benefits. From the Doke Tea Estate in Bihar, this mellow green tea steeps into a sunny yellow brew.

Aroma: Floral, Sweet
Caffeine: NA
Flush: 2nd Flush 2018
Organic/Non-Organic: Organic
Region: Bihar
Leaf Type: Hand rolled whole leaf, Hand-plucked
Hand Processed: Yes
Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis (Assamica Cultivar – TV 25 / 26)

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Box, Tin Package


10gm (4 cups), 150gm (60 cups), 300gm (120 cups), 50gm (20 cups)


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